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College Enrollment Process

College Enrollment Process Free Online Research Papers The First step to College enrollment is narrowing down the college youwant to attend. Once this is decided it is now time for The admissions process. During this time you are submitting applications for acceptance. It is best to research the college or University before applying. Learn what the institution has to offer you in your choice of study. You might want to contact a school Advisor to know what documentation is required for enrollment. When you gather all the proper documentation start filling out The application. Now that the application is finished submit it and what for acceptance. Second step of College Enrollment is Payment of Tuition. Your First choice is Financial aid, this is to help students who Otherwise can’t afford college be able to attend. Again contact a school advisor to get information on what is needed or what you Qualify for. Once given a go you must follow a few major steps. (1) Make sure you have all the proper documentation needed to Apply. (2) Independent students need their prior tax returns. (3) Dependents students need their parents/ guardian information. Most colleges or universities have a school code when applying for assistance,be sure to have it. Next go to the FASFA website Follow the instructions and begin to apply. You must establish a pin; this is a valid part of applying for id. When finish you will be able to print off a SARS report. Take the printed document to the school of choice, and they will tell you how much you can get.Another choice of payment is scholarships. There are several types of scholarships offered, so check into them. It is best to ask the college what type of scholarship, you might qualify for. You must know all the requirements necessary to receive the scholarship. Much type of Scholarships is offered in different types, so apply for all that you might qualify for. You might want to check with you local city, high school, even churches the offer some throughout the year. Receiving a scholarship has a lot of requirements, mainly maintain good grades. Keep in mind that to every one you ally for there are a hundred more applying for the same one. So be sure when applying to stand out to get notice. The Third choice of payment is cash; some have parents, who pay, others work hard to pay themselves. Those who pay there way through college have it much harder then those who don’t. It is a difficult task, because not only do they have to focus on school work, they also have to work. However it is best to exhaust options one and two before resulting to the third option. Once you’ve been accepted and tuition is paid college Life begins. Nevertheless, here comes the struggle of adjusting to a new lifestyle, making new friends, sharing a room, just being responsible for self. At this point you will learn quickly you’re not in High School anymore. Instructors at college are there to teach you, it is up to you whether or not you earn it. Most College Professors are willing to go at a steady pace, in order to help you with the transition form high school to College. Others are teaching that you are no longer a child but and adult. Also some schools offer extra curriculum actives such as sports and different clubs it will be up to you whether or not to join. Overall College life is a strenuous process It‘s a process that if you have the information needed it will pay off in the end. This journey in your life is not to goof around or slack off. These are years where you’ll meet new challenges and interesting people. Most of all this experience is when we transform from a kid to and adult. Experiences learned in college are the major stepping stones to a successful life. You will learn what being goal minded is all about so keep in mind that when you begin college life, be prepared, for all that comes with the changing process. Research Papers on College Enrollment ProcessStandardized TestingPersonal Experience with Teen PregnancyHip-Hop is ArtTrailblazing by Eric AndersonResearch Process Part OneRiordan Manufacturing Production PlanMoral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesOpen Architechture a white paperThe Project Managment Office SystemBionic Assembly System: A New Concept of Self

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The Reactions of Hoover and Roosevelt to the Great Depression Assignment

The Reactions of Hoover and Roosevelt to the Great Depression - Assignment Example The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act (1930) however has been seen by historians and economists today though as something that actually made the problems associated with the Great Depression worse, not better. Those economists that believe that the economy can only benefit from lowering prices point to tariffs as a way of increasing prices rather than dropping them. Roosevelt, on the other hand, campaigned on a balanced budget and a promise not to intervene with the economy. However, once he was elected he went ahead and expanded some of Hoover’s programs and created some of his own. The minimum wage act and the Davis-Beacon Act (1931) meant a reduction is price flexibility which slowed the economy even further. The New Deal which was a program implemented under Roosevelt’s reign was actually two different deals. The first one which ran from 1933 – 1935 was aimed at inputting money at the top of the economy so that the people at the bottom benefitted from the trickle-down effect. The Agricultural Adjustment Act (1933) for example paid farmers to reduce their production. No one was actually able to explain why that would help children in the poverty end of the scale who were going without food or the countless numbers of tenants and sharecroppers who were evicted and left without a job but it did make the larger (wealthier) farmers happy. As far as helping alleviate the impact of the Depression however, it was a non-starter – consumer demand fell because of course there were fewer people with money to spend. The National Industry Recovery Act (1933) was instrumental in setting up a centralized planning scheme that would encourage businesses to set prices that would drive weaker and smaller businesses out of the marketplace completely. Again this might have benefitted larger businesses but the smaller ones were still forced to close and unemployment figures still continued to rise, meaning there was less money being spent in the economy.  

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Conventional architectural theoray Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Conventional architectural theoray - Essay Example Beauty lies in the potential of the cogent mind to dig up prescribed conventions from the contiguous world, thereby making transparent collective mechanism of the perfect apparatus. It comes as no shocker that progressive modernists often took an aggressive stance to the communities they lived and worked in. the modernist architect’s modernist architect progressivism regularly amounted to elitism and paternalism. But as of today, architecture has become essentially sophisticated and contradictory in its very insertion of the conventional Vitruvian aspects of commodity, inflexibility, and pleasure. Presently, the needs of programs, structure, mechanical apparatus, and articulation, even in solitary buildings in plain perspectives, are diverse and conflicting in ways originally unimaginable. â€Å"Orthodox Modern architectures have tended to recognize complexity insufficiency of inconsistency.†1 Thereby in their effort to break with convention and begin all over, again, t hese architectures romanticized the primordial and basic at the expense of the varied and the compounded. Crystal Palace Joseph Paxton’s design for the Crystal Palace in London in the 1850s was both creative and avant-garde in its design. Besides being a phenomenal building to look at, the design of the Crystal Palace as well gave rise to increasing philosophical and ideological inference on the range of glass as an architectural material. Smith hence opines: â€Å"building materials in the modern are assumed significance in architectural theory that had not possessed in the past.†2 The very notion of utilizing architectural design as an ideological symbol has just presently become a motif of hypothetical assessment, although its embedded utilization as a political statement dates back as far as the art structure itself. The perceptual utilization of glass as a representation of vision permits for an elasticity of assessment that involves looking at, being stared at, a nd staring at whilst being glanced at. The Crystal Palace is regarded a symbol of the progress towards modernity, an enclosure for the exhibition of value objects that imitated Walter Benjamin’s notion of exhibitory value. On the other hand, Bentham’s Panopticon, implying that whist that buildings with the express function of permitting everyone to be seen, the Crystal Palace was instead designed so that everybody inside could view out. Nevertheless there is sense that the political functions of architecture are covert. Architecture can and must be critiqued as ideological undertones; however the mistake rests on presuming ideological intent among designers. For the Crystal Palace, it is effortless enough to view that glass functions ideologically for critics. Loews Philadelphia Hotel(PSFS Building Plan) The construction of the PSFS Building was designed as opposition to conformity for its architects, Philadelphians namely George Howe and William Lescaze. The structure is innovative in every account. An arc foundation beginning on the street level and moves up five stories above grade: a T-shaped plan surfaces, held up from the foundation, housing 32 floors of office space. The levels have perpendicular flow at the junction of the T-shape. The street level sketch, in response to the robust economy of the early 1920s and the raise of consumerism, is committed virtually nearly to retail. The curved facade attracts patrons and is welcomed

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Love in LA Essay Example for Free

Love in LA Essay The difference between two separate opinions of love could be very similar, yet could be drastically contrasting. In the story Love in L. A. , written by Dagoberto Gilb, Jake has, what would appear to a normal person, a skewed vision of love. Out of everything in his world he could chose to love, it is his car that he loves. His car means everything to him and it seems as if nothing else matters. In the story The Love of My Life, by T. C. Boyle, two teenagers seem to love each other so passionately that they are willing to risk the life of their own child to keep, what they consider in their eyes, a perfect life. Like Jake in â€Å"Love in L. A. † and the teenagers in â€Å"The Love of My Life†, people’s view on love can sway many different ways, sometimes clouding their ability to make the proper decision. In â€Å"Love in L. A. † Jake has a deep love for his car and everything about it. Even as he rides in his car, he thinks of ways to make it better. While he describes adding accessories such as crushed velvet interior warm heater and defroster and cruise control, Jake falls even further into a daze. To the reader the car is just an old piece of junk. This old piece of junk is more than enough to keep Jake happy. Without any friends or someone to talk to, his beat up Buick is the only thing he is able to connect with. For example, his awkward encounter with Mariana shows how strangers perceive him, which could be a contributory reason to why he has such a connection with his car. Instead of having a relationship with a human being, in a way he has a relationship with an inanimate object. The teenagers in â€Å"The Love of My Life† have an offbeat view of love. They love each other greatly and will do anything for love, even if it means throwing their newborn baby in a dumpster like a piece of unwanted garbage. Both of them are at fault for the situation that they now find themselves in. Even though the Jeremy is in jail for murdering their young child, the girl pressured him into doing so. If they both love each other as they claim, the girl wouldn’t have pressured Jeremy into murdering the baby, and the guy should not have given in for the sake of love. Their view of love is off in the sense that they are too caught up in loving themselves and believe that having a baby will ruin their lives. They don’t want to take the time to love their baby because it will take away time that they would get to spend together. If they truly loved each other, they would take the baby into their lives and love it like they love one another. Along with not having a view of love that would be considered â€Å"normal†, Jake does not seem to have a real grasp of what is acceptable and what is not. After giving fake information to the girl he just rear ended while day dreaming about his beloved car, he drives away pondering what just unfolded. He feels some guilt and shows signs that hint towards knowing what is right and wrong, â€Å"[taking] a moment or two to feel both proud and sad about his performance. But soon after he is content and the only thing on his mind is getting new license plates for his car since he stole the old plates off of an old junk car. His love for the car clouds his reasoning and forces him to make decisions influenced by him loving his car. As most teenagers would say, having a baby before the age of twenty is a burden someone of that age could go without. The teenagers in â€Å"The Love of My Life† seem to hold the same opinion, but the teens in the story took a route not heavily traveled upon. Without thinking of a plan to safely get rid of the baby, like adoption, their first reaction was to throw the baby in a dumpster. Short term fix, ending with heavy consequences. The reason for their decision was based off love. In Jake’s eyes, the love that he has for his car is no different than loving something physically. The car that he drives makes him happy and gives him something to do. It is clear that nothing, not even a fender bender, can keep him from loving his car. On the other hand, the lack of love the teenagers show towards their child in â€Å"The Love of My Life† shows that they have tunnel vision when it comes to love. They are focused on themselves and they will stop at nothing to keep their love intact. Depending on how a person is raised or influenced throughout life, love can have many different meanings. Like Jake in â€Å"Love in L. A. †, love doesn’t always have to be associated with other people. Love can influence people in a negative way like â€Å"The Love of My Life,† but could also have a positive impact. As experienced in both stories, people’s views on love can sway many different ways, sometimes affecting their ability to make the proper choice.

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Summary of Canins Emperor of the Air :: essays research papers

RR - â€Å"Emperor of the Air† Connections Our traditions are what keep families together. From a gold locket to an old photograph, these items are irreplaceable. What they hold to them are memories of those before us and moments in history that have passed. In the story, â€Å"Emperor of the Air† by Ethan Canin, an elderly man is forced to give up the one thing that his family has left behind: a two hundred year old elm tree. It holds the memories of his childhood and still shows signs of life that may still last for years to come. As the story begins, the narrator, introduces himself as â€Å"sixty-nine years old, [who] lives in the same house [he] was raised in, and [has] been the high school biology and astronomy teacher† (3) in the same town. Though he is married, he has no children which gives both he and his wife Vera opportunities to travel the world. However, due to a heart attack, his wife now travels solo because his body has weakened from the occurrence. He often feels lonely because his wife travels for weeks and his only entertainment are stars. A sudden situation erupts between he and his neighbor, Mr. Pike. His neighbor informs the man that he must cut down the old elm tree because it is infected with insects that may cause the tree to fall on his home. However, the man is reluctant in doing so because it is over two hundred years of age and holds value to him. It is considered a family heirloom. In an attempt to preserve the tree’s life, the elderly man combines several poisons and spreads it around the tree. For a short while it actually works, but soon the insects reappear causing the situation to escalate. Mr. Pike with no other alternatives, contacts the authorities and the request to cut down the elm tree is granted. In order to save his tree, the old man decides to take some insects from his tree and spread it to his neighbor’s elm trees.

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Teen Sex

Teen Sex Many teenagers are engaging in having sex. A lot of them are doing it just to fit in and some are doing it because of peer pressure. Yes I believe abstinence programs discourage teen sex but a lot of teenagers need an abstinence education as well as a comprehensive sex education. Although some say that Abstinence and comprehensive sex education programs in schools are a bad idea, I think otherwise because some students need help learning about birth control and if they're ready for sex.The government needs to fund teen sex programs that guide teenagers through which sexual direction they want to go in and things they want to learn about such as Comprehensive education, Abstinence education and Pregnancy. Comprehensive sex education has been proven more effective. Comprehensive sex is well needed in schools. It does not encourage teens to start having sexual intercourse. This program is what young people need; an honest effective sex education.Comprehensive sex education prog rams help youth delay from sexual activity, it reduces the frequency of sexual activity, and it reduces the number of sexual partners and increases condom and contraceptive use. Without a Comprehensive sex education program in schools, teen sex increases, more teens will experience negative sexual health outcomes and pregnancy. â€Å"Medically accurate, age appropriate, comprehensive sex education in schools, education that include information about both, abstinence and contraception, both from a values and public-health perspective. † (Rep. Lee and Sen.Frank Lautenberg, 2005, P. 776) Abstinence programs can help teens delay sex. Sex education classes that focus on encouraging children to remain abstinent can persuade a significant proportion to delay sexual activity. I think that abstinence education convinces teens to postpone sex; which is a good thing because they are too young. Without an abstinence program, more students would be engaging in sex. â€Å"Federal governme nt only funds abstinence education, even though at least 75 percent of parents say they want teens to be taught about both abstinence and contraception. (As cited in CQ researcher, 2005, pg. 771) Pregnancy is often the result of teen sex. With abstinence and comprehensive sex education programs, pregnancy rates will decrease. Teen mothers are less likely to finish high school and more likely to end up on welfare, and their children are at greater risk for abuse and neglect. The majority of teen mothers raise their children alone without the help of the child’s father, which makes it much harder. â€Å"Twenty percent of teen mothers have a second child before the age of 20. † (Sarah Brown, 2005, pg. 763) It’s very hard for teen mothers to go to schoolGovernments need to fund teen sex programs that guide teen through sexual activity. Teenagers are having sex to fit in and some are being forced to have sex because of peer pressure. Schools are not responsible for t eens engaging in having sex but it helps a lot for teenagers to go to school and learn about it through Abstinence, Pregnancy and Comprehensive programs. With the students being taught about things it can decrease the pregnancy rate and reduce teen sexual activity. Both teens and the government will benefit from them; teens postpone sex and the government wouldn’t have to fund as many teen moms on welfare.

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The Human Rights Code - 1228 Words

Facts This is an application filed under s. 34 of the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c. H. 191 alleging discrimination in the workplace environment due to sex, including sexual harassment as a factor. In September of 2010, the respondent was working as a doctor’s assistant at a clinic in Toronto, where the applicant worked as a secretary. The applicant, upon the respondent’s request, stayed after work hours for training regarding re-ordering medicine. During this time, the respondent asked if he could check the applicant’s blood pressure, which she allowed, but after the respondent put his hand on her thigh, she immediately withdrew back and said no. The applicant continued on her training, but when she did not receive a response from the†¦show more content†¦7. (3)(a) of the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c.H. 19 4. s. 10 of the Human Rights Code, R.S.O. 1990, c.H. 19 5. Janzen v. Platy Enterprises Ltd., [1989] 1 S.C.R. 1252 6. Smith v. The Rover’s Rest, 2013 HRTO 700 Analysis Section 7.(2)2 of the Human Rights Code states that, â€Å"Every person who is an employee has a right to freedom from harassment in the workplace because of sex †¦ by his or her employer or agent of the employer or by another employee. Section 7.(3)(a)3 further goes on to state that every person has a right to be free from, a sexual solicitation †¦ where the person making the solicitation or advances knows or ought reasonably to know that it is unwelcome. In s. 104, â€Å"harassment† is defined as engaging in a course of †¦ conduct that is known or ought reasonably to be known as unwelcome. The applicant, on numerous occasions, told the respondent to stop when he forced her to engage in sexual activity. The respondent ought to have known his behavior was unwelcome by the applicant repeatedly saying ‘no.’ This entails a violation of her human rights under the code.1 Janzen v. Platy Enterprises Ltd5 defines sexual harassment in the workplace as, â€Å"Unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that detrimentally affects the work environment or leads to adverse job-related consequences for the victims of harassment.† Janzen5 further goes on to state that when sexual harassment occurs in the workplace, it is an abuse of both economic and sexual power. This type of behavior in